Virtualization and private cloud

An SDDC (software-defined data center) is a data storage facility in which networking, storage, CPU and security are virtualized and delivered as a service..

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  • October 29, 2020 29 Oct'20

    IBM seeks to outdo Tanzu; Spectrum Protect for Red Hat OpenShift launches as new containers are spun into operation, and protects OpenShift Container Storage with snapshots.

  • June 09, 2020 09 Jun'20

    NetApp makes its third cloud-related acquisition of 2020; the company says it will buy Spot, which uses machine learning to optimize cloud capacity and reduce infrastructure costs.

  • February 25, 2020 25 Feb'20

    Dell will offer monthly VxRail subscriptions in hopes of appealing to customers that want a more flexible way to create and pay for hybrid and private cloud environments.

  • September 13, 2019 13 Sep'19

    AWS Outposts will ship later this year. In advance of that launch, AWS has given customers a sense of what they can expect from the first release of the private, on-premises version of its public cloud infrastructure.

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  • Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop is an Azure-based cloud service for desktop and application virtualization. 

  • A composable infrastructure is a framework that decouples device resources in order to treat them as services. 

  • Edge virtualization is the practice of using software versions of physical computing resources at the edge of a network, closest to the devices that produce data. 

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  • In 2019, VMware acquired Intrinsic, Carbon Black and others as it branched into new markets. It also improved its well-established virtualization line and introduced new products. 

  • When you compare VMware Cloud on AWS' initial release to its state in 2019, the cost of entry has lowered, the feature set has expanded and it now meets most compliance standards. 

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  • Virtualization improves hardware use, but the pendulum can swing the other way and result in an overallocation of resources. Here's how to maintain the balance. 

  • If you consider security, performance, scalability, expertise, network visibility and service management when creating a private cloud, you avoid problems down the road. 

  • Reposition DCIM systems for virtualization, container management

    While DCIM tools are still a good way to maintain granular details about IT infrastructure, admins should integrate other, purpose-built tools for heavily virtualized environments. Continue Reading

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