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  • Edge computing is forcing IT teams to rethink legacy architectures. In this guide, explore edge computing basics, including its pros and cons and its effect on enterprise networks. 

  • IoT data center tech aims to improve operational efficiency

    IoT tech can make data center operations data-driven and automated. For a successful implementation, IT managers should evaluate upgrade costs and infrastructure resiliency. Continue Reading

  • Developed out of a necessity to handle increasing amounts of data, edge computing will disrupt traditional computing and benefit various modern use cases. 

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  • The flood of data from IoT devices requires careful planning of infrastructure and data management, and current processes might not be up to the task. 

  • Top infrastructure and operations technology myths of 2019

    Admins are consistently evaluating technology to improve I&O efficiency. Cost, integration and business goals are key components to this process and cutting down any hype. Continue Reading

  • By ensuring IoT security, IT teams can secure enterprise networks as well. Edge computing can provide one path toward this security, as long as IT properly evaluates and plans for it. 

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  • While edge computing and IoT devices can spark networking innovations, these technologies can also create challenges and pitfalls organizations aren't yet equipped to deal with. 

  • For AI applications, the future is now. But implementing artificial intelligence in an enterprise data center presents obstacles for network, storage and compute infrastructures. 

  • The new IT security threat coming to your data center

    The latest and greatest in technology opens new opportunities for hackers to penetrate sensitive corporate data. Continue Reading

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